What is your Element?
green eyes
The midnight hour is under your power. You aren't a morning person, or a daylight person at that. you are a loner, but you are not spiteful or hateful, but you may question the ways of the world. You love the moon, stars, and the midnight skies, black and seemingly endless, as if you weren't on earth, but out in space. There's nothing wrong with you, but you may be happier if you found a friend or even a true love. No one wants to be alone forever, not even you do, wheter you know it or not. (you weakness is light and darkness and you have an advantage over, well, no other elements)

What were YOU in your past life?
You were a spy/ninja.
You thought that you couldn't love, but if found you. Spying for others for money is what you do and you're okay with it. You were trianed not to love, and to just get the money. So, you went with that, until one day, you spied on a very pretty girl who was so innocent. You got caught by her, and she fell in love with you. So, you took her away and trained her to be like you.

What Alcoholic Beverage Are You?
You Are at Home In A Pub with Your Pals...Dont Cross The Line With Me Or I'll Kick Your Ass! You're Irish and Damn Proud!

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